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      Thank you for looking into our paintball facility, we specialize in walk on players, family events, birthdays, corporate and military groups. We have 4 paintball fields for your paintball adventure from our woods course, our Action Town course that features 30+ buildings, including a 5,600 sq.ft. of close quarters combat maze. We have a Urban course, and 1 Speedball course. We make sure when you come to Jacksonville Paintball Park your entire group will have a great time!


Things we do extra for your group with no extra charge!

  • We have picnic tables specifically for your group to eat and relax.
  • We provide 10x20 shelters to shade your party.
  • There are tables for your group to set paintball markers down while you eat and take a break.
  • We allow you to bring a cooler with food and drinks.
  • We allow you to bring a grill to cook food for your group.
  • A Referee that will keep a high level of safety.
  • Free Jacksonville Paintball Park T-Shirt (1 free tee per 10 paid rentals)
  • WE ARE FIELD PAINT ONLY. CARRYING ONLY HIGH QUALITY TOURNAMENT GRADE PAINTBALLS! Why? Because the higher quality paintballs shoot straighter and break better so you have less pain when getting hit by a paintball. You also use less paintballs to get someone out so you can play even longer without having to buy more paintballs. The reason we are field paint only. Since we only offer high quality you won't have to worry about getting hit with paintballs that have been sitting for months and outdated. We get shipments of paintballs frequently giving you the best paintballs possible.

If you are price shopping make sure you compare the price for all of the different paintball courses, We have the most competitive prices in the area. 

  Price Information
Admission $15

If you have your own equipment. (Included in Rental price)


Basic Rental $32.71

Admission included, Paintball Mask, Paintball Gun, Air Tank, Comes with 100 Tournament Grade Paintballs 





Admission included, Paintball Mask, Paintball Gun, Air Tank, Comes with 200 Tournament Grade Paintballs


All Day Rental $42.06

Admission included, Paintball Mask, Paintball Gun, Air Tank, Comes with 500 Tournament Grade Paintballs


Tactical Rental $46.73

Admission included, Upgraded Paintball Mask, Scenario Paintball Gun, Air Tank, Comes with 500 Tournament Grade Paintballs



Pro Pack Rental


$60.75 Admission included, Thermal Mask, Empire Mini GS, Comes with 500 Tournament Grade Paintballs, Electric Hopper, Pro Pod Pack (4 pods), Extended Barrel, Speed Feed (Ultimate Package)



# of Rentals

11 to 15

16 to 25

 26 to 35


Rental Price

(500 Paintballs included with the rental!!)





Access to all 4 Paintball Fields





Reservation Required  





10x10 Gazebo (by request)





Dedicated Field Ref





Dedicated Field Play





For a Private Party with a dedicated Safety Official there will be an additional
charge of $50

Make your Reservation now

We are a private park reserved for members only, anyone can join, simply sign up at our field no fee required.

Jacksonville Paintball Park


130 Imperial Ln
Jacksonville, NC 28540

Phone: 910-353-7529

Our Business Hours

Saturday 10:00AM to 5:00PM

(Open Play no reservation required)

Sunday 11:00AM to 5:00PM

(Open Play no reservation required)


Mon & Tues Closed

Wed - Friday 8:30 am to 5:00pm

Reservation required to play during the week.

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