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Thank you for looking into us for your birthday party!

Why choose paintball for your son/daughters birthday party? Because you want them to have a memorable experience. With our party options you will be the hero for throwing the greatest birthday party ever.  After playing paintball you will hear your child for a few weeks talking about how all the other kids think your son/daughter's birthday party was the coolest ever.  Anyone who has ever played paintball remembers their first time and how much fun they had.


Jacksonville Paintball Park has dedicated staff and party area for your birthday party to make sure your highest expectations are met.


Ultra Low Impact was created for kids ages 4-8 and utilizes a water ball. The water ball is made of water and gelitin so there is little mess and low impact which makes happy players. For more information and to book a party click here.


Low Impact Paintball is perfect for ages 7 to 11 and utilizes a light weight air powered paintball gun and .50 caliber paintballs. This is the best option for age groups of 8 to 10 considering Gelly Ball.


Traditional Paintball is geared for kids 11+ and adults. We have multiple gun packages for traditional paintball and is the number 1 sport kids and adults choose to play for their birthday party!  Click here to see pricing and packages.

 Thank you for looking into our paintball facility, we specialize in walk on players, family events, birthdays, corporate and military groups. We have 4 paintball fields for your paintball adventure from our woods course, our Action Town course that features 30+ buildings, including a 5,600 sq.ft. of close quarters combat maze. We have a Urban course, and 1 Speedball course. We make sure when you come to Jacksonville Paintball Park your entire group will have a great time!


Things we do extra for your group with no extra charge!

  • We have picnic tables specifically for your group to eat and relax.
  • We provide 20x20 shelters to shade your party.
  • There are tables for your group to set paintball markers down while you eat and take a break.
  • We allow you to bring a cooler with food and drinks.
  • We allow you to bring a grill to cook food for your group.
  • A Referee that will keep a high level of safety.
  • Free Jacksonville Paintball Park T-Shirt (1 free tee per 10 paid rentals)
  • WE ARE FIELD PAINT ONLY. CARRYING ONLY HIGH QUALITY TOURNAMENT GRADE PAINTBALLS! Why? Because the higher quality paintballs shoot straighter and break better so you have less pain when getting hit by a paintball. You also use less paintballs to get someone out so you can play even longer without having to buy more paintballs. The reason we are field paint only. Since we only offer high quality you won't have to worry about getting hit with paintballs that have been sitting for months and outdated. We get shipments of paintballs frequently giving you the best paintballs possible.


Packages are not combinable with any other offers, discounts or credits.


A deposit is required for all reservations, non refundable and is package specific; any party can be rescheduled with 48 hour notice. To reserve a Private Party with private field play and a dedicated Safety Official there will be an additional charge of $50 for gelly ball or $75 for low impact or standard paintball when making the reservation.


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