Rental Equipment


We have 3 types of rental Paintball guns to best suit your needs!


Basic Rental is a BT Combat. A semi-automatic marker with a gravity fed hopper. This package also comes with a mask and paintballs. Starting out at $29.91 with 100 paintballs



Tactical Rental is a Tippmann Cronus. A semi-automatic marker with a collapsible butt stock, foregrip and a longer barrel giving you a more accurate and stable paintball platform. Starting out at $34.58 with 100 Paintballs



Pro-Pack Rental is a Empire Mini GS. This package is the ultimate experience. With the marker able to shoot 11 balls per second. A Thermal Mask that will prevent fogging. Pod Pack allowing you to carry more paintballs to dominate the battle field. Starting out at $46.73 with 200 Paintballs


All guns are maintained at a safe speed of 280 FPS to 300 FPS

Jacksonville Paintball Park


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Reservation required to play during the week.

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