Fortnite Battle Royal 03/17/2019

Jacksonville Paintball will be hosting a Battle Royal 50 vs 50 on 03/17/2019 starting at 11AM, Arrive between 10 and 1030AM.   Get Tickets Here!


What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a very popular videogame where players jump out of a bus without any equipment and have to find equipment on the battle field.


Our Version

We will have 50 vs 50 with spawn points on each side of the center circle, as time progresses the center will shrink and players outside will be eliminated. We will have two games with no respawns and two matches with respawns.


What do I need?

We will provide everything to play at the fortnite event, you do not need to bring your paintball gun as we will be staging our equipment out in the battle field. If you have your own paintball mask it is recomended you bring it.


What is provided?

We will provide paintball masks to every player before we start. All the equipment will be staged out in the paintball fields.

The following items will "spawn" on the fields.

Paintball guns:

BT 4 combat







Paintballs will spawn in buildings, near paintball guns, and bunkers


Misc Equipment

Smoke Grenades

Paintball Grenades

Riot Shields

"Player Shields"


Match cost is $60 total with taxes included, to ensure your spot buy a ticket here:  Fortnite Tickets 


During the event there will be no additional charges, we will provide all the paintballs and equipment you need during the event. If you want to buy food, drinks etc please bring additional money.



Fortnite Battle Map

Jacksonville Paintball Park


130 Imperial Ln
Jacksonville, NC 28540

Phone: 910-353-7529

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